How to Help Heal the River



To submit comments on the R.L. Harris Dam Relicensing project on the Tallapoosa River, use Project Number: P-2628 and the sub-docket number is 065.

The full docket number is P-2628-065. 

(NOTE:  If you are searching on FERC’s eLibrary, you will first use Project No. of P-2628 and then there is a different field for the subdocket where you enter 065.)

There are two options for submitting comments to FERC:

  • For a comment up to 6,000 characters (between 860 words and 1500 words) you can submit an e-comment. This DOES NOT require creating an account with FERC. [Link opens in new tab so you can refer back to this page at any time!]
  • For longer comments or to post a comment on your letterhead and include attached files (photos, reports, data) you will need to eRegister with FERC to create an account, and then eFile. [Link opens in new tab so you can refer back to this page at any time!]

TIP: Use e-comment if you do not have files to attach  or letterhead you want to use. Use e-file if you have photos or other files to include, or if you want to submit on letterhead.




Priority areas where we want to see better outcomes at Harris Dam include:

  1. Improved flows and water temperatures that are closer to a natural riverine environment to benefit aquatic species.
  2. More public access points along the river and lake to increase recreation opportunities for paddlers, swimmers, anglers, rescue personnel and everyone who wants to enjoy this public resource.
  3. Updated safety and notification measures so everyone can know in real-time when generation from the dam occurs and can stay safe.
  4. Operational changes that can reduce water level fluctuations both on the lake and downstream to minimize erosion and sedimentation and provide a more hospitable habitat for fish and river critters.